A little about Huckleberry Stew

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A small family run business...

Huckleberry Stew creates original embroidered bath towels and aprons, along with a small assortment of other handcrafted items. They specialize on custom, personalized pieces.

Huckleberry Stew is run by Heather Flynn with lots of help from her young family, especially her husband, Steve. The shop was created as both an outlet for their creativity and from Heather & Steve's desire that she could stay home to care for their children. While the shop continues to evolve, the imagination and care for detail remain.

The Flynn family considers themselves quirky, nerdy, silly, and fun. They express that in many of their designs. Their Latter-Day Saint faith offers them the opportunity to create one of a kind items that cater to others looking for religious items, as well.

Heather has been sewing since she was a child. Her instruction began with summer-school classes taught by her mother's friends on how to use a machine, but she has taught herself most of what she knows. In high school she started created custom cosplay costumes for herself and her brothers and friends. In college her focus shifted to home decor. Once she began having children she became much more interested in heirloom sewing with an emphasis on machine embroidery. All of these parts of her life have combined themselves in the items she creates for Huckleberry Stew.